Sunsets of Boracay

Before we went to Boracay, I told myself to take home at least one sunset photo worth printing. Little that I know that capturing such is not as easy as I thought. Out of the hundreds of photos I took, there’s none that gives justice to Boracay’s sunset – color and beauty wise.

Here’s Day 1 with cousin Josh in the foreground. This was taken before the sky bursts in flames (as seen in this instagram post).


Day 2 is not as beautiful as Day 1 was. Big line of cloud is lined up so I tried to get something behind the trees and get silhouettes instead. Still… bleh.


Cloud formation on Day 3 was better. I tried to find best position but still got nothing. Please have this photo of a father and son enjoying the scenery instead…bleh-beh-bleh.


Yep… that sums up my personal assignment. It is not something I am proud of… Tips on how to capture sunsets are greatly appreciated.

Happy weekend!



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