Street in Colour

I’ve seen hundreds of street photos, frames filled with people on the street, mostly in black and white. And as an amateur in this field, I started desaturating my photos to make them look like a legit street photograph.

And believe me or not, presenting photos in black and white would be an easier way to convey a message. It allows the photographer to dissolve distracting elements in a photograph such as the color itself. And through this, people’s attention would be drawn towards the subject, and the photographer’s message. And personally, I am obsessed with the the interplay of light and shadows in a photo. So I thought, there’s no other  way to present the candidness of the street but to emphasize the soul instead of the colour.


In the photo above, I tried to get rid of the yellow light, and the colored pamphlets behind my subjects by turning the saturation knob all the way to ZERO. Voila! I look at the photo and I am drawn to my caught off guard subject and then to the clueless guy next to him.



There’s a BUT.

I have encountered circumstances that forced me to present street photos in colour.


First is this photo of a monk. It was the first coloured street photo i posted since i started doing street photography using my dslr. I fell in love with the saffron robe the monk was wearing and I knew i won’t be able to give justice to the photograph if i turn it into bnw.


And this guy, with his blue umbrella, blue bag, blue shirt. Oh. and his blue cap. Why shouldn’t I just let him be blue under the rain, right?



Whenever I encounter people with massive personality and situations with so much emotion I just let them fill the frame with my preferred contrast and just let them be who and what they are.




Street in Colour is my way of saying: The only rule in street photography is to always shoot from the heart.


5 thoughts on “Street in Colour

  1. Fantastic photos.! You’re not just a brilliant writer but also a fabulous street photographer. I hope I will be able to shoot the streets of Macao and the 🇵🇭 streets with you and the rest of the philpitik someday.


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